Trying on samples and taking measurements! We spent weeks working with our pattern-maker Georgene to perfect every little detail, from fabrics and linings to buttons and zippers. The pattern and sample-making process is one that requires plenty of patience and trial-and-error, but by the end, you’ve got a pattern that’s ready to sew!

Our five Facebook fan-voted victors were: Cassie L. Thompson (a), Maria Catalono (b), Hannah Yung (c), Kacey Durbin Shapiro (d), and Nicole Parker (e)! But, that’s not all — there were so many exceptional entries that Susan simply had to add two of her top picks to the winners’ circle, as well! And, those felicitous prizewinners are Tyger Alexis (f), and Liz Callahan (g)!

Fire up the confetti cannons, slide on your dancing shoes, and let out a cheer, because our first ever Make the Cut collection has premiered! On Wednesday, our inaugural collection officially launched. The twelve garments are available for purchase, ready to fly into boxes and arrive on your doorstep.

But how did these pieces go from contest sketches to real dresses? Follow us along today as we chronicle the steps of the process from beginning to end!