Jonathan Demme’s 1986 flick Something Wild blew my mind when I first watched it as a teen. The plot and the acting are both solid—how YOU doin’ Young Ray Liotta?—but I was most fixated on Melanie Griffith’s character, Lulu, a free-spirited part-time criminal with perfect fashion sense and impeccable taste in music. If she were real (Lulu, please come to life and whisk me off in your insane car!), she’d load up on wrist candy like this to complete her arty downtown look:

1. Apex of Style Bracelet, 2. The Bright Angle Bracelet , 3. Refined Rocker Bracelet

— Guest Editor from BUST, Senior Editor Molly Simms

I’ve had the cover to my favorite album, Patti Smith’s 1975 release Horses, up on my wall for years as a reminder of the kind of effortless cool I’ve always wanted to achieve. Skinny black jeans, plain white shirt, shaggy hair, no makeup, an expression of placid intensity—nobody does it better than Patti.

— Guest Editor from BUST, Managing Editor Emily Rems

  • Source: NPR